If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to save a buck – and bills are no exception. I used to get a migraine just THINKING about paying my electric bill, especially during the summer months. Cool air equals cold hard cash.

WHY WAS IT SO HIGH!?! I needed to know!

So I conducted a little research and found out that my roof may be one of the biggest culprits. Dark asphalt roofs actually trap heat from the sun. That means your AC’s working overtime to maintain a cool, comfortable temperature.

Then, I went metal...

You wouldn’t believe the difference. In the first year alone, I saved about 20% in energy costs. How it works is the metal roofing actually reflects the sun’s powerful heat emissions, instead of your home absorbing it.

Some of the top metal roofing companies like Drexel Metals even offer a highly reflective painted or granular-coated metal roof that will re-emit solar radiation by up to 90%. Translation? Your home absorbs less heat and saves more cash.

Now, electric-bill-induced rage is a thing of the past. And did I mention that my metal roof qualified me for a 35% discount on homeowner’s insurance?

Do yourself a favor – don’t go mental. Go metal.