Mother Nature is relentless.

Every day, the sun beats down on your home. Throw in some rain, strong winds, hail, snow, heat waves and bitter cold – and you think an asphalt roof can withstand all that?

Here’s something you may not want to hear, but asphalt roofs begin breaking down the minute theyre installed. The sun’s ultraviolet rays act like a slow-dissolving acid, breaking things down over time.

The result? Your roof isn’t lookin’ too pretty a decade or two later. So then you’ve gotta pay someone to come out and replace it – once, twice, maybe three times or more in your lifetime.

It adds up.

Now, metal roofs, that’s as tough as they come.

Withstanding virtually anything Mother Nature throws at it, a properly installed Drexel Metals engineered metal roof can protect you AND keep its sheen, good looks over the long haul.

Up to 140 mph winds? No problem. Hailstorms? Handled. In fact, metal roofs provide better protection against fire and the spread of flames compared to asphalt roofs, better protecting you from wildfires and fallen power lines.

How about snow, you ask? Well, metal roofs are actually very lightweight compared to asphalt roofs, putting less stress on your structure. Plus, their smooth flat surface can shed snow fast. Trust me – in heavy snowfall, you’ll be thankful you don’t have to climb up and shovel your roof.

Top companies like Drexel Metals even offer a cool snow retention system to slowly melt snow off the edge of your roof, saving your gutters and hedges. Talk about convenience!

It sure is tough, but when you weigh out all the benefits, it isn’t exactly a ‘tough’ decision.