Curb Appeal


Ever been to one of those neighborhoods where all of the houses look alike? Now imagine just one of those houses with a Brilliant Red Metal Roof. Or Dark Bronze, Forest Green, Sierra Tan.

It would stand out, right? Exactly.

Now imagine that one of those “clone” houses and the eye-catching colored metal roof are both up for sale. Which do you think would draw more interest?

See what I’m getting at here?

Roofs can account for 40% of a home’s visual impact. That means that if and when you decide to sell, you’ll get that much more attention.

Besides being the envy of your neighbors, of course.

When I got my metal roof, Drexel Metals had a huge selection of colors and designs for me to choose from. I found the roof that was right for me.

Even though I’m not in the market to sell, it’s reassuring to know that if I ever change my mind, I’ve already set the bait.